The Sacramento ​​County Public Health Officer has issued a new P​ublic Health Order effective July 29, 2021​.

The Order goes into effect July 30, 2021 at 12:01 a.m., and will be in effect until it is rescinded or amended by the Health Officer.​​​ The Health Order aligns with previous health orders, but supersedes those of March 19, April 7, May 1, May 26, June 12, June 19, June 29, July 2,  July 14, August 28 (School Closure), August 31, September 23, September 29, October 13 and November 13. 

​For questions about ​the Public Health Order, call the County's COVID-19 Hotline: 916-875-2400, and to report a violation, call 3-1-1.

On November 16, 2020, the California Department of Public Health issued revised Guidance on the Use of Face Coverings, which supersedes face coverings guidance released on June 18, 2020. New guidance expands the required the use of face coverings in California when in public or common spaces. Complete details, including all requirements and exceptions to these rules, can be found in the guidance. For questions about the Public Health Order, call the California Department of Public Health COVID-19 Information Line at (1-833-422-4255).   

​​Information regarding ​COVID-19 in Sacramento County is available at covid19.sacco​​

Information regarding COVID-19 in California is available at

You have been asked to drastically change your day-to-day behavior to help our community stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Staying in your home and limiting your contact with other people is a very specific way you can help. You can still do essential grocery shopping. You can still go outside to get some fresh air or a quick walk, but keep those trips focused and maintain distance from your neighbors.

Together we can work to flatten the curve, reduce passing COVID-19 respiratory disease on to other people, or putting ourselves at risk of getting sick.​